Privacy Statement 

The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("the Ordinance") of HKSAR, governs the use of information relating to you that we may collect from time to time. Without this information, we will not be able to provide services to you.

Purpose of Collection: 
Our purpose in collecting and holding your personal information is to facilitate our business of providing and improving our products and services (and related purposes). 

We may transfer information about you to our related companies, agents or contractors, to other parties for direct marketing and other purposes (subject to the requirements of the Ordinance) or as otherwise required by law. 

The Ordinance provides you with rights to ascertain whether we hold data relating to you, to obtain a copy of that data and to correct any inaccurate data. Requests for access and correction should be addressed to 

The data are collected for the purpose of facilitating our services to you and undertake not to disclose any of your data to third party without your consent save and except to our related companies and / or businesses and those required by the laws of HKSAR.






所收集的個人資料,只供 本公司向用戶提供相關服務,並且有關個人資料將不會未經閣下同意而向第三者披露。然而,使用該等資料作有關公司及/或其業務和香港特別行政區的法律允許或規定的用途之情況則除外。